Monday, August 20, 2007

Hay Luz

Hurricane Dean passed us to the south by a pretty good margin, but we had heavy rain and winds, and we have not had power or water for 3 days. The power finally came back.

It's easy to tell when the power comes back, because the entire neighborhood erupts in applause and cheers. If you've ever flown into San Juan, you'll know what I mean. When the plane lands, there is much rejoicing.

With any luck, we'll have water in a couple of hours, which is a good thing, because some of us are starting to smell. I like a self-administered sponge bath as well as the next guy, but it doesn't compare to a real shower.


Jen said...

Years ago PR went through an extended and pretty serious drought and water was in short supply. The worst part was that it was during the summer. The phrase you heard most often coming from people was "Estoy adoba'o" (I'm marinated/seasoned). Meaning, people were starting to get pretty fragrant.

Glad Dean passed by with only a few powerless days to be remembered by!

spunky said...

yeah baby, I can smell you all the way here in the northeast. Not something I would look forward to should I decide to retire there.

Don Luis said...

@jen: I think we miss the water more than the power. I love the "Estoy adoba'o," now I will use it.

@spunky: you'd better close your windows: we still have no water as I write this.

spunky said...

We have lots of rain today-bring the soap and I'll lend you a towel

Judith in NYC said...

Ay, Luis! I came to your blog via A Year in Bread and skimmed over your entries (no time to read now as I am getting ready to fly to PR in the morning). I had to laugh at your "quiet religion" entry. Those noisy pentecostales and now the catolicos (tambien!!!) are the reason I don't live in Puerto Rico.