Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Vacation Nightmare

It's almost over; school starts next week.

Summers here are almost unbearable. The kids are home from school, and they are loud.

The 14 year old girl next door loves her regeaton, and she loves it loud.

Regeaton has one requirement: the same monotonous, simple, idiotic drum track is used for every song. Beyond that, there are no rules. You can sing (very rare), shout (very common). or make vaguely animal-like noises (somewhere in the middle).

She plays the same handfull of songs every day, several times a day. These are the songs they play at Guantanamo Bay to make the prisioners confess to crimes they did not commit.

She plays this stuff for three hours a day, and she plays it so loud that we can't watch TV or talk on the phone. We've asked her to turn it down dozens of time, but she could care less about anyone but herself. Next, we will file a complaint with the town.